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The Toronto Summer Bucket List Items You Need to Check Off

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

If there’s anything we’ve learned it’s that the summer here in Canada tends to go by quick. That’s why we strongly believe in setting summer goals to make the most out of the hot weather. Maybe some of you would rather spend all summer long bingeing Netflix indoors (which is perfectly okay), but for the rest of us, we got stuff to do! So get our your pad and pen and start writing down your summer bucket list!

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Attend a Summer Festival

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Toronto has no shortage of music festivals in the summer. Some right in the city and some only a short drive away, the options are a-plenty for checking out awesome live acts and getting your fill of music under the summer sun. There are a ton of Canadian festivals, but if you’re looking to keep it local, WayHome Music & Arts Festival is high on our list for indie and rock, Boots and Hearts for the Country fan and DREAMS Festival is the go-to for EDM fans. We’d be reminisced if we didn’t mention Riverfest Elora, Hillside and Camp Wavelength.

Stand in Line for Ice Cream

What would be summer without ice cream, honestly. Luckily for you, Toronto stays up to date on the latest ice cream trend like charcoal ice cream. Or hit up the tried and true spots like Bang Bang or Sweet Jesus.

Grab Patio Drinks

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When the snow melts in Toronto, the most treasured sight isn’t green grass or blooming flowers….it’s patio bars. There’s almost too many to choose from, but that makes part of the adventure. Nothing makes a summer memory quite like a cocktail on a patio, so take a look at any of our patio guides for east, west, north, downtown Toronto or hidden patios for that special summer getaway.


Canada’s Wonderland

At least in my eyes, Wonderland has become synonymous with summers growing up around Toronto, so it’s a good place to start. Even if you aren’t a bona fide ride warrior, there’s plenty do to there like checking out live entertainment,chowing down on funnel cakes or cooling off in the water park.

Check out a Street Festival

With a street festival happening every weekend in the summer, Toronto has no shortage of chances to immerse yourself into arts, culture and food. The Taste of the Danforth, Caribana Grand Parade and Toronto Ukrainian Festival are just some of the many fine Street festivals the city has to offer.




Watch A Movie Under The Stars

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Experience the silver screen under starry skies! Toronto has a number of outdoor film festivals operating all summer long. Open Roof Festival boasts live musical acts before each show, where Christie Pits Film Festival offers an opportunity to watch a film with a gorgeous backdrop of greenery. See our must see movies and film events to do this summer.


Go Camping

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Put away your smartphones and swipe right on mother nature this summer! Camping is a great way to leave the stresses of the city behind you and get back to basics. There’s a number of excellent camping spots within a two to four hour drive of Toronto so you don’t even have to go far to feel disconnected.

Experience a Toronto Argos Tailgate

Experience a Toronto football tailgate this summer! Best enjoyed with friends, the Argo’s tailgating party kicks off four hours before each game, so it gives you plenty of time to fire up the grill, nab a couple $4 beers and kick back before you head into the game to watch the Argos hit the field. The tailgating party is complete with games and live entertainment, only steps away from the newly renovated BMO field.

Have a Park Picnic / BBQ

It’s strongly recommended that you go to the park more than once during the entire summer, but if you’re someone who needs to plan ahead, why not make it a picnic! Trinity Bellwoods is a hotspot for west-enders, and for the east-enders Riverdale Park is a must! And hey, what’s a summer picnic without a BBQ? Check out the city’s list of available BBQ rentals like High Park or Downsview Dells Park.



Beach Day at Woodbine Beach

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Just a 10 minute drive east of the downtown core lies one of my favourite spots to hang out during the summer: Woodbine Beach. It’s got everything you could ask for: a beach with actual sand, BBQ rentals, volleyball courts and a great walking / biking path for the active types. It’s an easy choice to feel like you’re living up peak summer without really going anywhere far.

Out for A Dip

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Stay cool this summer and go for a dip in the water. There’s a couple good options depending on your mood and transportation options. Toronto has a number of public swimming pools, most of which are free. If you have access to a car and are up for a little trip, check out the best swimming holes near Toronto like Princess Falls in Hamilton or the Elora Quarry.

Go on A Long Bike Ride

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Spend some quality time with your bike this summer. Whether you’re an experienced biker or an every-day cruiser, Toronto offers long distance bike routes for everyone. The Pan Am Path is a popular spot during the summer, but a weekend cycle to Niagara falls can be a rewarding experience.

Go Cottaging

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Lucky for us, Toronto is only a couple hours away from the greatest cottaging land literally in the whole world. So there’s no question weekend warriors make the trip up to areas like Muskoka or the Kawarthas every other weekend in the summer to drink, relax and/or party by the lake. If you’re not lucky enough to have property up north (or a friend who does), there are plenty of cottages available for rental online, which are pretty affordable if you go with a group.

Pedestrian Sunday

If you haven’t yet experienced Kensington Market on Pedestrian Sunday, you don’t have many opportunities left! Every last Sunday of the month from May to October cars are prohibited, and street performers, local vendors and artists take over the streets. It’s a uniquely Toronto experience that everyone should experience at least once a year.



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