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Your Ward News pair found guilty of promoting hatred against women and Jewish people

James Sears and LeRoy St. Germaine, two men who run a free Toronto-based newspaper that has promoted legalizing rape and denies the Holocaust, were found guilty today of promoting hatred against women and Jewish people.

Upon delivering his decision, Ontario Court of Justice Judge Richard Blouin cited a vast amount of evidence of their guilt.

Editor in chief Sears, who lost his medical licence in the early 1990s for sexual misconduct with three women, and publisher St. Germaine argued that Your Ward News was intended to be satire, but Blouin stated that there was nothing humorous about their views. “Both men were fully aware of the unrelenting promotion of hate in YWN,” Blouin stated, according to CBC. They “intended that hatred to be delivered to others.”

The prosecution had argued that Your Ward News was full of “vile and degrading” articles and images. Prosecutor Robin Flumerfelt explained that the publication demonizes feminists, citing them as “dangerous people” and referring to women as “tri-orficed channels.” They even branded feminists as “satanists exhilarated by abortion,” claiming that women are inferior to men and that feminism innately motivates rape.

In addition to hatred toward women, the paper had several repeated claims of a global, blood-thirsty Jewish conspiracy. According to Flumerfelt, its imagery portrays Jewish people as devils who have serpent tongues and reptilian hands, arguing they were behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Holocaust was a myth to empower Jewish control of the world.

Sears and St. Germaine pleaded not guilty to two counts each of willingly promoting hatred against specific identifiable groups.

After the ruling, Sears, who had allegedly compared himself to a persecuted Jesus, stated that he’d be appealing. The final sentencing is set for April 26th, 2019. St. Germaine and Sears each face a maximum sentence of a $5,000 fine or six weeks in jail.

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