YouTube is closing its Toronto creator space

The Toronto studio is to be replaced by 'pop-up' temporary facilities

YouTube says it will be closing the company’s only permanent Canadian studio later this year, according to CBC, as the company is looking to find better ways to reach its content creators.

The company sent an email on Thursday to its creator community outlining their plans to replace the Toronto studio with a “pop-up” approach that will have temporary studios in different areas all over Canada.

“We are moving from a fixed model based out of YouTube Space Toronto into a community-based model where we’ll meet creators where they live. This will include a mix of workshops, events and pop-up spaces, allowing us to better connect with the unique communities of creators from coast to coast,” Mark Swierszcz, manager of YouTube’s Toronto studio, said in a statement. “Given the size of the country and the fact that our creators are not all based in one city, we hope this new approach will help us to better connect with the unique communities of creators in every region.”

The Toronto studio originally opened in 2016. The 3,500-square-foot facility was designed for YouTube personalities with over 10,000 subscribers. It became a hot spot for Toronto creators, but the new idea is aimed at assisting those in Canadian cities where they may not have enough resources. Swierszcz also said that YouTube is looking into options for a different permanent Toronto location and “will have more to share very soon about a future home.”