YouTube to restrict Indie Label content

YouTube and Indie labels searching for agreement over new licensing terms.

In a new licensing agreement between Google-owned YouTube and music record labels, certain indie labels are upset over the contract offers they’ve been receiving to be a part of YouTube’s new paid service.

YouTube’s new subscription service requires record labels to lock into contracts. Sony, Warner and Universal have all reached a deal with YouTube to be a part of this new service. Independent labels XL, 4AD, Cooking Vinyl and Domino, according to Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), have not been offered the same contract. They have been approached with template contracts offering non-negotiable terms.

The paid subscription service requires members to pay a monthly fee and reap the benefit of being able to watch videos or listen to music without adverts, on any of their devices, even when not connected to the internet. The full subscription service is to take over the site by the end of the 2014 year.

With the subscription service starting in the next few days, YouTube will no longer host music and music video from artists such as Adele, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, The XX, Grimes, the National, Deerhunter, Billy Bragg, Animal Collective, Arctic Monkeys, Real Estate and tons more.

Although the content will not be removed from the site, their content will be blocked in certain countries. The affected labels are working closely with groups IMPALA (European independents association), WIN, and Featured Artists Coalition to appeal the YouTube block.