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Yukon Blonde Releases New Record ‘Shuggie’

Yukon Blonde frontman Jeff Innes joins Lana for an interview in the Indie88 studio to share details behind the band’s new album Shuggie, which came out October 12, 2023.

From the band:

“I long to be a part of something, a community, but I can never get my shit together and that’s where people give up on me – but then again that’s where the guys come in,” says Jeffrey Innes, lead singer and chief sonic architect of indie rock band Yukon Blonde. And though they might not have recognized it when they first started packing clubs over 15 years ago, the band has since embraced this reality; in fact, it’s overtly celebrated across the alluring melodies and absorbing stories comprising Shuggie, their latest full length collection.

“There’s a real openness to this record both musically and lyrically – sort of wide reaching exploration of trying to find that something out of of all this isolation,” says Jeff on behalf of bandmates Brandon Scott (guitar, vocals), Graham Jones (drums, vocals), and James Younger (bass, vocals)

“Being in a band for this long, we’re talking our entire adult lives here, I’m not sure it’s a healthy thing,” says Younger. “Out on the road you miss births, funerals, birthdays, and back home over time even the strongest relationships come and go. This is all happening in our van somewhere on The Canadian Shield and all four of us have been through it.” This sense of self imposed exile undoubtedly contributes to the uniquely expansive and ever changing sonic spectrum Yukon Blonde has refined over their years.

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