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Yukon Blonde share deluxe edition of ‘Vindicator’ featuring four new songs

Yukon Blonde are back with a deluxe version of Vindicator that features four additional tracks.

The new version features “Let Your Body Move,” “Come Over To Mine,” “Birthday,” and “Beat The Pressure.” In addition to these four new songs, the deluxe edition of Vindicator also features a JayWhy remix of “Get Precious.” This remix was previously only available on 7-inch vinyl. Alongside the album, they’ve shared a lyric video for “Let Your Body Move.”

“Back when we finalized the track listing for Vindicator, there were four tracks that didn’t quite fit,” the band’s Jeff Innes explains. “One was too fun, one was too poppy, one was unfinished and the last was… I actually don’t know what everyone’s beef with it was. All I know is that since we’ve released the record, these songs keep popping up. We had a massive batch of trashed songs, but these four won’t leave us alone.”

Stream the deluxe edition of Vindicator and watch the lyric video for “Let Your Body Move” below.

“We were going to release them as an EP, but in retrospect we probably should have just included them since all four have become some of our favourite songs to date,” Innes adds. “So, we’re re-releasing Vindicator with four tracks that probably should have been on it, as they were when we finished the records.”

Vindicator sees Yukon Blonde once again rewriting their story. It marks the first Yukon Blonde album ever written, recorded, and produced entirely by the band. Even the album title serves as a nod to how the band feels about its end result. “You don’t really need to compete with yourself, you just need to challenge yourself,” Jeffrey Innes explains.

Yukon Blonde will hit the stage in support of Vindicator this fall. They’ll play Nanaimo on October 21st, Victoria on October 22nd, and Vancouver on October 23rd.

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Lead photo courtesy of Erika Saul.

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