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Yup, The Tesla Surfboard Is Real (And It Wasn’t Cheap!)

Surf’s Up, Tesla

Tesla offers a range of products, from gear like hats and shirts to energy generation and storage units to, of course, electric cars. But what most people don’t know is that you can also get a Tesla Surfboard.

If, that is, you’re willing to cough up somewhere a ridiculous amount of money. Read on to find out just how much.

Teaming Up With Matt Biolos

Tesla surfboard
Image: @ matt_biolos on Instagram

Matt Biolos is a famous surfer and founder of Lost Surfboards. He helped Elon create the Tesla surfboard using his “Mayhen” approach. As a surfboard shaper from San Clemente, California, he was an ideal candidate to help conceive the design, shape, and unique approach of the board.

The board used the same high-quality matte and gloss finishes that it uses on its cars. The deck, per Biolos’ advice, was reinforced with lightweight ‘Black Dart’ carbon fibre. The whole thing is inspired by the Tesla car. It’s black on one side, and Tesla-red on the other.

Biolos was quoted as saying the the board is “a contemporary short board scaled up and refined for performance”.

A Limited Run Fetching A Hefty Price Tag

Tesla surfboard
Image: @whatsinside on Instagram

Tesla released their surfboard quietly and it almost immediately sold out. The price on it was $1500 USD. Oh, and that does not include the fins. This price is anywhere from 3-10 times the average price of a surfboard.

Critics were just as loud as fans when the surfboard announced, calling it “dumb” and “pointless”. However, it seems to have sold just fine.

Can I Still Buy A Tesla Surfboard 

Tesla surfboard
Image: @whatsinside on Instagram

You can buy a Tesla Surfboard, but it’s going to cost you.

The initial run of these original boards sold out in less than a day at $1500. Because of this, some of the boards have made their way to e-bay.com.

Getting one of these exclusive Tesla surfboards will now cost you somewhere in the ballpark of $12,000.

Tesla surfboard
Image: @maxxisrussia on Instagram

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