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Yves Jarvis shares video for new single ‘Bootstrap Jubilee,’ announces forthcoming album ‘The Zug’

Yves Jarvis has shared a video for his new track, “Bootstrap Jubilee.” The song comes as part of the announcement for his new album, The Zug, out May 13th via Flemish Eye/ANTI-.

“Bootstrap Jubilee” is a breezy new tune packed with Jarvis’ quintessential quirky, yet impactful lyricism. With punchy percussion and catchy acoustic guitar riffs, the track is sure to keep you on your toes. The accompanying video is inpired by the movies Paris, Texas and Boyhood. It follows Jarvis as he wanders through the desert. Throughout the clip, images from his childhood flash in front of him.

“The first verse describes both evolutionary biology and psychology; ‘in the event that there’s an opportunity / coalesce into a higher form of being / watch me bootstrap from the substrate underneath,'” Jarvis explains. “‘Bootstrap Jubilee’ is the commemoration of my 25th year on earth, but all of humanity is being celebrated in verse 1 for the achievement of being. Verse 2 is a personal account of my childhood ‘Born in 1996 with an immediate reluctance to exist’ and foray into the arts: ‘busking on the street proved to be lucrative – made connections in the local radius’ and ‘rubbing elbows with the Artists we revered, climbing up the rungs of a music career’.”

Watch the video for “Bootstrap Jubilee” below.

In addition to “Bootstrap Jubilee,” The Zug features the previously released “Prism Through Which I Perceive.”

Check out the tracklist for The Zug below.

The Zug Tracklist:

01 – “At The Whims”
02 – “You Offer a Mile”
03 – “Prism Through Which I Perceive”
04 – “Bootstrap Jubilee”
05 – “Enemy”
06 – “Gestalt”
07 – “Thrust”
08 – “What”
09 – “Stitchwork”
10 – “Endless Tube”
11 – “Why”
12 – “On the Line”
13 – “Projection”
14 – “To That End”

Yves Jarvis is playing Montreal’s Theatre Corona on April 5th and Toronto’s History on April 6th.

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