Zac Efron’s New DJ Flick Had One of the Worst Opening Weekends Ever

Turns out we are NOT your friends...

You’ve probably seen the trailer for the new DJ movie starring Zac Efron called We Are Your Friends by now. I haven’t seen the film (and don’t plan on it) but by watching the trailer the plot tells a story of a college kid who’s sick of being the average 20-something year old and strives to be one of the world’s best DJs.

You would think with the amount of people that are into EDM music these days that there would be a market for this movie, right? It turns out kids would rather save their money for Skrillex tickets rather than a movie about a fictitious world where DJ Efron rules the dance music scene. In it’s opening weekend We Are Your Friends made a dismal 1.8 million dollars… to give you a better understanding of how low that is Daddy Day Camp, All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 and Gigli all bested that number.

Zac Efron’s grandparents ended up sitting through it though, #Fam!