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Zoon and Status/Non-Status share video for new collaborative single as OMBIIGIZI ‘Cherry Coke’

Zoon and Status/Non-Status have shared a new single, “Cherry Coke,” under their collaborative project, OMBIIGIZI. The track comes from their forthcoming debut album, Sewn Back Together, out February 10th via Arts & Crafts.

“Cherry Coke” is a dreamy, shoegazy tune with smooth instrumentals that allow OMBIIGIZI’s smooth vocals to take the lead. Lyrically, the song is about Zoon’s Daniel Monkman’s childhood.

“I used to get into a lot of fights at school when I was younger,” the band’s Daniel Monkman explains. “One of the schools was called ‘Happy Thought’ which ironically was filled with racist rural farmer type folk. I think as a type of punishment my Mom sent me to live with my Dad on the Rez, so he could show me how to be a ‘man.’ Although my Dad was a very complex human, he was very compassionate towards me, especially when I explained how the kids would tease me for being Ojibway. He’d always let me stay home with him and oftentimes we’d go to the Rez store for chips and pop; I’d get Cherry Coke or Vanilla Coke. The lyrics and song title are inspired by these memories of my childhood and of my father.”

Watch the video for “Cherry Coke” below.

Sewn Back Together was recorded in collaboration with Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew. The 10-track OMBIIGIZI collection was recorded at the Tragically Hip’s Bathouse Recording Studio.

In addition to “Cherry Coke,” Sewn Back Together features OMBIIGIZI’s previously released single, “Residential Military.”

Check out the tracklist for Sewn Back Together below.

Sewn Back Together Tracklist:

01 – “Cherry Coke”
02 – “Residential Military”
03 – “The Once Child”
04 – “Niiyo Biboonagizi”
05 – “ogiin”
06 – “Spirit In Me”
07 – “Yaweh”
08 – “Birch Bark Paper Trails”
09 – “Zaagitoon”

“The Anishinaabe revival is accelerating,” Waubgeshig Rice writes in the liner notes. “Our artists are becoming more resurgent in all realms: telling the stories, singing the songs, and creating the imagery to further solidify our everlasting presence on this land. The soundtrack to this movement is diverse profound, and beautiful. The Anishinaabe sonic revolution is richly layered and wide-reaching, inspiring and influencing all generations to gather, sing, and speak, as we’ve always done. And at the core of this renewal are artists like OMBIIGIZI.”

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