ZOON | Live From Home

Zoon performs 'Brokenhead' live from home for Indie88

Daniel Monkman’s shoegaze project ZOON has taken part in our recurring Live From Home series, where he delivered a killer performance of his Bleached Wavves track, “Brokenhead.”

“The song ‘Brokenhead’ was written/composed from a feeling I had when I left the reservation as a young teen,” Monkman explains of the track. “It was the first time I had built a strong relationship with my dad since becoming a young adult. He wanted a better life for me – to get me off the reserve and explore Canada. To do this he helped me buy a truck.”

“My dad had been recently compensated by the Canadian government for being forced to attend residential schools from childhood to early teens,” Monkamn continues. “Although his ability to help came at a great cost and I wouldn’t fully understand until years later, the realization heavily influenced the conception of ‘Brokenhead.'”

Watch ZOON’s Live From Home performance in full below.