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Festival Summer: Camp Wavelength Photo Essay

This is the sixth installment in our #FestivalSummer photo essay series by Kate Killet.

Last weekend was the first ever Camp Wavelength and I’m already missing it like crazy. By far the chillest fest this year + camping on the island was so nice, not to mention all the amaaaaazing & diverse sounds. So many posi vibez. Stress free, low key and a bad ass community.

Photographed on 35mm film.

CampWL2015 (35)
It was so nice to get out of the city. Shout outs to nature.

CampWL2015 (30)
Maylee Todd was our camp counsellor/festival MC. At one point she did this cool performance art piece where people wrote down their wishes & dreams. These wishes & dreams were then put in a condom that Todd then held in her vagina, from which she later birthed said wishes and dreams. V rad.

CampWL2015 (13)
Zoo Owl & Kurt Marble not only played the fest, but also camped the whole weekend and held down the good time vibez.

CampWL2015 (14)
Zoo Owl’s late night set fit perfectly in the dark wilderness.

CampWL2015 (33)
There was a dope Virtual Reality booth. Here’s Airick Woodhead of Doldrums seeing into the future.

CampWL2015 (34)
Lots of camp activities to partake in. Beachy fun.

CampWL2015 (32)
Great excuse to jump in the lake.

CampWL2015 (10)
Wavelength artistic director Jonny Dovercourt was seen busy on his headset making sure everything ran smoothy + having fun & dancing in between.

CampWL2015 (15)
Doomsquad were as magical as ever. Kalaboogie bro.

CampWL2015 (29)
Maddy Wilde of Moon King was stoked to be on the island.

CampWL2015 (28)
Prince Rama slaaaaaaaaayed.

CampWL2015 (9)
When you end your set with a piggy back attack.

CampWL2015 (36)
Ewan Kay (also from Moon King) says hey.

CampWL2015 (37)
In Synch danced for us in the water.

CampWL2015 (38)
Trevor from Doomsquad did it up.

CampWL2015 (27)
Dance collective Open Fortress (ft. Anna of ANAMAI + Allie Blumas of Doomsquad) did a eerie piece in the water as the sun set.

CampWL2015 (6)
Shout outs campfires.

CampWL2015 (8)
Moon King tore it up.

CampWL2015 (5)
All of the campfires though.

CampWL2015 (3)
Most People played a hella fun late night set.

CampWL2015 (26)
Kurt Marble crowd surfed.

CampWL2015 (4)
Po lit some sparkers.

CampWL2015 (20)
Just the chillest time.

CampWL2015 (21)
Jasmyn Burke of Weaves got sandy.

CampWL2015 (18)
Gambletron & Johnny Forever performed a piece titled Radio Flotilla.

CampWL2015 (17)
It was really cool.

CampWL2015 (19)
Watching the clouds during ANAMAI’s set.

CampWL2015 (25)
Absolutely Free played in the forest on the edge of the beach.

CampWL2015 (2)
Anna Mayberry (HSY + ANAMAI) enjoyed the waves,

CampWL2015 (2) copy
“We’re here for that feeling in your chest, where you just feel uplifted.” – Do Make Say Think closing up the weekend.

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