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The Honest Heart Collective | Collective Arts Black Box Sessions

Led by brothers Ryan and Nic MacDonald, The Honest Heart Collective released their second album Grief Rights earlier this year. Recorded in their self-built studio in their hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Grief Rights showcases the band’s ability to convey emotionally charged stories through their music.

“These songs capture that everyday fight you have with who you are and who you want to be,” says lead singer, Ryan MacDonald. “A year and a half ago, I was an anxious mess. I started to see a therapist who really made me dig deeper into myself. After a few sessions, he told me that the root of my anxiety was that I wasn’t giving my grief rights. It’s a period of time when it was okay to not be okay. It was a strange concept to me and not knowing what to do, I dove into books about my idols and revisited some of my favourite Springsteen records. The phrase ‘Grief Rights’ has stuck with me since that session, and honestly, it changed my life.”

“I’ve Got You speaks to the unspoken feeling of growing up and losing those in your life that you care about most,” says Ryan MacDonald. “This feeling continues to present itself as you get older, and it never gets any easier. Yet no matter how broken or beaten down you may feel, there will always be someone who can understand that loss, and say, I’ve Got You.”

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