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Your Guide To The Best Pasta In Toronto

In a city with so much amazing Italian food, being known for the best pasta in Toronto is an honour. This list will give you options for something to take with you and eat at home. Or you can opt for a dimly-lit, romantic, spaghetti and meatball, Lady and the Tramp experience.

Try not to drool on your keyboard while exploring the best Italian restaurants in Toronto.

(The restaurants are not listed in order of preference. It’s just a list of really good places for pasta.)

10 Restaurants Serving Up The Best Pasta In Toronto

10. Piano Piano 

best pasta in toronto
Image: @pianopianotherestaurant on Instagram

Piano Piano is the Italian restaurant you always wished was around the corner. They offer soulful, sensual food and drinks. The environment is welcoming and fun.

They have three locations focused on slow food and sophistication. Their food is satisfying and great to share. Their traditional Italian fare has been elevated over time to its most delicious state. This restaurant will not disappoint.

Piano Piano is beautiful, hip, and freaking delicious. They also offer great takeout options and a delectable dine-in experience.

9. Ascari Enoteca

best pasta in toronto
Image: @ascarienoteca on Instagram

When you visit Ascari Enoteca, you’ll be amazed at the rustic wine bar’s simple philosophy. For instance, they use wholesome, good quality ingredients. In addition, they offer up a neighbourhood locale where you can linger and enjoy incredible food and drink.

Dig into crafted Italian food like antipasto, salads, pasta (of course), and other delicious mains. However, with two locations to enjoy, you can mix up your pasta experience. You’ll have a blast while you’re doing it.

8. Famiglia Baldassarre

best pasta in toronto
Image: @famiglia_baldassarre on Instagram

The Famiglia Baldasserre kitchen is where you want to buy your pasta.

Fresh and incredibly authentic, you can get their divine, home made goods at their direct-to-public location. They’re in one of Toronto’s last true artisan/manufacturing strips. They’re located on 122 Geary Avenue.

This divine restaurant offers everything from fresh, filled pastas, fillings, doughs, and even eggless pastas. Consequently, they’ve become a true Toronto staple. This place emanates Italian authenticity, and offers some of the best pasta in Toronto.

7. Sugo

best pasta in toronto
Image: @sugotoronto on Instagram

Sugo Toronto is available for online pickup with contactless payment directly from their website. Their pasta is authentic, simple, and mouth-watering. They also offer dine-in at their neighbourhood joint, where they specialize in red sauce and serving up classic Italian-American food.

Located near the corner of Bloor and Lansdowne, you’ll enjoy their daily pasta special. Whether you’re choosing red, white, or pink… sauces are their specialty.

NOTE: Sugo has recently received some backlash after a Google review from a young woman who had a server that directed body shaming jokes toward her. Read more about that here.

6. Enoteca Sociale

best pasta in toronto
Image: @enotecasociale on Instagram

Enoteca Sociale is formed on an ethos of passion and integrity for food. They have a strong dedication to sharing a culture that they themselves fell in love with through food and experiences.

Founded in 2010, Enoteca Sociale is a mainstay for Italian Cuisine in Toronto. Their pasta reflects their passion. Further, you’re wise to go and check out their simple and honest Roman cuisine.

5. Gusto 101

best pasta in Toronto
Image: Gusto101.com

Gusto 101 is open for both takeout and dine-in, and their food is ridiculously good.

Their name means “tasty” in Italian, and they’ve carried this simple philosophy through all of their food and drink. A true culinary experience, Gusto 101 serves up modern versions of Southern Italian classics.

There’s as much care into the food and drink as in their architecture and design. They’re located a repurposed garage in the heart of downtown Toronto. A neighbourhood gathering place, you can get a wood-fired meal or a glass of wine on the rooftop patio.

4. Buca Yorkville

best pasta in Toronto
Image: @bucatoronto on Instagram

More than Italian restaurant, Buca Osteria & Bar is one of the widely celebrated spots for the best pasta in Toronto.

The restaurant’s trademark, artisanal fare is rooted deeply in Italian tradition. For instance, the authentic cuisine that Buca has become famous for uses fresh, carefully selected ingredients. They have a passionate, creative approach to cooking, and their pasta reflects this every day.

As each different area of Italy offers its own aesthetic and taste, each outpost of the Buca family does the same.

3. Amano

best pasta in toronto
Image: @amano.trattoria on Instagram

Amano has two different locations serving up some of the best pasta in Toronto.

You’ll find them on both Church St., and Union Station. And because Amano means “handmade” you know it’s going to be good. Fresh ingredients and divine flavour are the foundations for their food.

They combine all of their fresh ingredients for ever-changing offerings that never grow old. Certainly, the food is inspiring and reflects heritage and care.

2. Annabelle Pasta Bar

best pasta in toronto
Image: @annabelleresto on Instagram

With three fresh pastas served up daily, Annabelle features inspired food, delicious pasta, and mouth-watering drinks.

In addition to the fresh pasta options, they also have three additional specials each day. In other words, this helps so much in keeping all of their offerings interesting and super exciting.

The cool thing about Annabelle is that the bar, dish pit, and even the three-burner kitchen are all out in the open. Further, you can see through the panel of reinforced glass into the heart of where they produce their hand-made pasta.

It’s small, however it’s so intimate that it feels like you’re dining in a friend’s apartment rather than a restaurant.

1. Eataly

best pasta in Toronto
Image: @eatalytoronto on Instagram

Eataly is a market with restaurants, shopping and also cooking classes. Because of this, they really stand out, because they offer different series’ of dining experiences as well as classes that will inspire you to eat and enjoy your food at home.

You can either dine in at their restaurant on 55 Bloor St West, Toronto, or you can shop at the market. Further, the location in Toronto is the 40th location of this awesome and successful company. It’s 50,000 square feet of pasta-making, pizza ovens, a seafood restaurant, a Gelateria, brewery, and Italian cafe. In other words, it’s basically the place to find anything pasta in Toronto

They welcome people “to Italy” because their specialities are pizza and pasta.


We hope you enjoy the best pasta in Toronto!

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