Lana Del Rey Wishes She Was Dead

Lana Del Rey Opens Up About How She's Been Feeling

Lana Del Rey just released her brand new record and how does she feel? Not very good. In an interview with UK newspaper The Guardian, Lana voiced her feelings about death:

“I don’t want to have to keep doing this, but I am, that’s just how I feel, if it wasn’t that way, then I wouldn’t say it.”

By “this” she apparently meant “everything.” Lana supposedly went into more detail but the rest didn’t make the paper. This conversation all started after Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse were brought up. They got onto the topic of another late singer, Lou Reed. Prior to passing away, Reed had expressed interest in working with her and she went on to write “Brooklyn Baby” with him in mind. This was very close to becoming a reality, she said, “I took the red eye, touched down at 7 a.m. and two minutes later, he died.”

And we wonder why her songs aren’t very cheery… In 2013 she revealed she had been suffering what she called a “medical anomaly that doctors couldn’t figure out.” “That’s a big part of my life,” she said, “I just feel really sick a lot of the time and can’t figure out why.” These feelings are very apparent on the new record Ultraviolence, even in just the song titles alone.

Hear “Brooklyn Baby” below: