Watch: Deadpool and Fred Savage argue over Nickelback’s musical abilities in ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ clip

'They're overproduced, formulaic ear garbage'

A new teaser promoting Once Upon a Deadpool came out today, and it features Ryan Reynolds’ sassy superhero defending Nickelback against actor-filmmaker Fred Savage.

The trailer opens with Deadpool reading the toned-down PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 as a bedtime story to Savage before they accidentally get into a heated argument about the musical abilities of the Canadian rock band everybody loves to hate. Deadpool ends up rattling off a series of facts about the sales and award credentials for the multi-platinum group, and to make it up, Savage starts singing Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me” as the pair hold hands.

Watch the promo for Once Upon a Deadpool below.

Once Upon a Deadpool is set for release on Wednesday, December 12th, and one dollar from every ticket sold in the United States until December 24th will be donated to Fuck Cancer, temporarily renamed “Fudge Cancer” for the PG-13 flick.