Watch: Tom Morello shares new video for Nat Turner-inspired song ‘You Belong To Me’

Morello reflects on Nat Turner's rebellion on this new track

Tom Morello has shared a new video for his political track “You Belong to Me,” which draws parallels between slavery and the police state.

“Our present is tethered to our past,” Morello explains of the track. “The overseer’s whip & noose of history are today echoed in the policeman’s baton & pistol. I had a very clear idea I wanted to express with the song & the video and that is: Sometimes, enough is enough.”

The final verse of the track sees Morello reflecting on Nat Turner’s rebellion as he delivers lines like, “Master’s shot went wide/ Nat Turner stood him on his knees/ The plantation burned around them/ Master cursed and whispered, ‘Please.'”

Watch the video for “You Belong To Me” below.